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2016 Dec 30

推出首兩段為展覽《MONOLOGUES》作之宣傳片 (預告片)。

Launched of exhibition trailer prepared for exhibition “MONOLOGUES”.

2016 Dec 20

與畫廊 Geneyclee Gallery 合辦展覽《Monologues》,展出香港藝術家伍寶蓮以及英國藝術家 Nicole RUSHWORTH 的最新作品。

兩位藝術家從個人回憶、經歷出發延伸至社會及歷史議題,創作一系列作品,包括繪畫、雕塑、裝置。於 《Monologues》 伍氏與 Rushworth 顯示各自在香港丶英國兩個不同空間的創作,兩位有著不同的背景、思想,作品在同一時空下呈現,兩段獨白編織成有趣的對話。

Teamed up with Geneyclee Gallery in organising “Monologues”, an exhibition about memories and personal feelings.  Noelle NG from Hong Kong and Nicole RUSHWORTH from United Kingdom exhibit their recent works including paintings, sculptures and installations.


2016 DEC 4

再次參與由 JCCAC 舉辦之藝術節 2016,成為其一合作單位,宣傳和介紹不同精選活動,今年藝術節的主題為《語》。

Once again partnered with JCCAC for its annual Festival 2016, to promote and recommended activities.  The theme of this year is《Dialogue》.

2016 May 12 – 15

與 Affordable Art Fair 合辦11場#BeginArt 公眾導賞團,鼓勵更多人接觸藝術,學習欣賞。以不同創作媒介為題,包括繪畫、攝影、雕塑,設計三款不同導賞路線,向大家介紹本地創作,了解藝術家。

2016 Apr 10 – 17

為《WYNG 大師攝影獎 2015/16》展覽帶領三場公眾導賞團,分享作品以及藝術家創作意念,讓大眾能更深入了解作品。

Led three docent tours for WYNG Masters Award 2015/16 exhibition, shared stories behind artwork, and also creative process; brought more perspectives for viewers.

相片來源:WMA Facebook
相片來源:WMA Facebook

2016 Feb – Mar

為年度《WYNG 大師攝影獎 2015/16》主辦單位 WYNG Foundation 製作一系列入圍攝影師訪問,深入了解六個藝術單位對主題「我們是誰」的看法、創作過程以及其藝術生活。

Produced a series of interviews with the 6 finalists for WYNG Masters Award 2015/16, to understand their views on Identity, their work process and art practice.

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2016 JAN 16


Launched interview video for emerging artist Jovial Yeung, where the glass artist talks about her works for exhibition “Peril”:

2015 DEC 4

參與由 JCCAC 舉辦之《觸》藝術節 2015,成為其一合作單位,宣傳和介紹不同精選活動。

Partnered with JCCAC for event《Touch》Festival 2015, to promote and recommended activities.

2015 NOV 28

舉辦 #BeginArt《Urban Art Tour 香港南區》,連同一眾藝術家、藝術空間和業內專材,為參家者介紹本地藝術,認識香港南區藝術社群。

Held the first #BeginArt《Urban Art Tour》in South Island – together with different artists, art-spaces and professionals, we introduced the local artistic forces and the South Island communities to the participants.

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2015 NOV 2

推出首段為遊藝行程 Urban Art Tours 製作之宣傳片 (預告片)。因應都市人的生活模式,《藝們》計劃了一系列的遊藝行程 Urban Art Tours,作為 #BeginArt 活動系列的首個項目,透過一連串輕鬆而充實的實地體驗,窺探本地文化藝術。

Launched of promo video for the first #BeginArt Urban Art Tour in South Island.  Altermodernist aims to promote art appreciation through  a series of guided tours designed to fit the busy schedules of Hong Kong people.

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2015 OCT 15

《藝們》獲邀請到新城數碼生活台《大世界好香港》接受訪問, 談及成立的理念和目標。特別感謝林嵐老師的獲邀和葉泳詩主持和引領。

Altermodernists is honoured to be invited to talk about our project mission and aims on Metro Radio.   Special thanks to Ms Jaffa Lam’s invitation and Ms Audrey Yip’s guidance.

按此重溫 Click to listen (Oct 15 10-11am session)

2015 OCT 8


Talked about art, life and reasons for creating Altermodernists.com during interview with “Artslink”.

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2015 SEP 8

推出第二段為展覽《當家作主2》作之宣傳片 (預告片)。

Launched of exhibition trailer prepared for exhibition “Independence 2”.

2015 SEP 7


Participated in activity/exhibition “Mountain Talk” organised by artists Corn Ho & Benjamin Hao, and launched highlight video.

2015 AUG 30

推出首段為展覽《當家作主2》作之宣傳片 (預告片)。

Launched of exhibition trailer prepared for exhibition “Independence 2”.

2015 JUN 22

舉辦〈深水埗尋寶日〉延伸展覽  –《零 • 感》,總括藝們、深水埗藝遊區以及一眾本地藝術家於深水埗的「靈與感」。

Held exhibition “Zero Out” – an extension of the Shamshuipo Open Day to showcase the inspiration and experiences of different parties involved.

Installation View (Image courtesy of Lau Siu Chung)

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2015 JUN 14


Co-organised the Shamshuipo Open Day with Shamshuipo Tour community. The aim of the event was to arouse public awareness to local culture, and nurture interests in art arppreciation. Interactive programs like guided tour, exhibition, craft markets, and workshops were organized for public to participate.

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2015 JUN 6

《此身幾何》何兆基作品展 (佈展) :

Launched of the fifth trailer video for exhibition “Body Geometry—Works by HO Siu-kee”.

2015 JUN 1

推出第四段《此身幾何》何兆基作品展 (策展人的話) 宣傳片:

Launched of the fourth trailer video for exhibition “Body Geometry—Works by HO Siu-kee”.

2015 MAY 15

推出第三段《此身幾何》何兆基作品展 (靈感。幾何) 宣傳片:

Launched of the third trailer video for exhibition “Body Geometry—Works by HO Siu-kee”.

2015 MAR 31

推出第二段《此身幾何》何兆基作品展 (工藝.身體.物料) 宣傳片:

Launched of the second video prepared for renowned local artist Ho Siu Kee for his exhibition “Body Geometry—Works by HO Siu-kee”.

2015 MAR 17

《此身幾何》何兆基作品展 (預告片)。

Launched of first exhibition trailer prepared for renowned local artist Ho Siu Kee for his exhibition “Body Geometry—Works by HO Siu-kee”.

2015 MAR 13

應邀參與由 Maxearn 舉辦活動 Ktouch of Spring,與一眾韓國、本地年青人體驗戶外生活,分享飲食、藝術、音樂、舞蹈等不同原素,促進兩地文化交流。

Participated in  Ktouch of Spring event invited by Maxearn, to exchange and shared food, art, music, performance with local and Korean groups.

2015 MAR 15

參與由 South Island Cultural District 舉辦之《南港島藝術之夜》,成為其一合作單位,宣傳和介紹不同藝術家、藝術空間以及精選活動。

Partnered with South Island Cultural District for event Art Night 2015, to promote artist, art-space and recommended activities in Island South.


2015 MAR 4

推出為獨立藝術空間 FLOOR 5 ½ 製作之展覽宣傳片:
《Under the Influence》(預告片)。

Launched of exhibition trailer prepared for independent art-space FLOOR 5 ½ for its exhibition “Under the Influence”.

2015 JAN 10

參與由 MaD 主辦2015年 Ripple Forum,分享藝們成立目的及過程,與一眾參與團體討論合作空間。

Participated in Ripple Forum hosted by MaD, to share the founding ideas of Altermodernists and discuss possible opportunities with fellow participants.

Photo by MaD


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