They are artists: Noelle Ng

Can you talk about your work “My Lost Home”?

An old apartment was demolished over a decade; there is now a vacant space where I once lived.  The living space disappeared somewhere in the sky and it is hard to locate exactly where it had been.  I am triggered by an acute sense of nostalgia and transience invoked by the fading memories of a time and a place that once was but has disappeared forever.  In order to project my sense of yearning and desire, I have transformed a series of images of my old to re-build the space that contained the cherished memories of my family and bore witness to my existence and my identity.

Hong Kong is a rapidly changing city.  The cityscape has transformed because of the demolition of architectural structures done in the name of urban renewal, with little regard or no regard for their history.  However, memories fade and are gone forever.

I hope my work can arouse the audience’s experience of loss and a desire to reclaim and rethink the value of precious memories and identity.

My Lost Home 2 Mixed Media Sculpture - Cloth Sculpture/ Ready made doll 故居 2 布調塑/ 現成物 Dimension variable 2015

My Lost Home 2 Mixed Media Sculpture - Cloth Sculpture/ Ready made doll 故居 2 布調塑/ 現成物 Dimension variable 2015
My Lost Home 2
Mixed Media Sculpture – Cloth Sculpture/ Ready made doll
故居 2 布調塑/ 現成物
Dimension variable 2015

Is there something you want to do about your memories?

I want to go back to my old home, but the house I lived in when I was young was demolished thirteen years ago.  I still remember it was on the fifteenth floor, but now it is a vacant space in the sky.  The old home means a lot to me as I grew up in there and it was a place that made me who I am now.  My dream project is to make a way back to the old home and stay at the exact space, for a day.  This project will reflect the rapid changes of the Hong Kong landscape and comfort my nostalgic feelings.

Memorable Space 1 Oil on Canvas 故居 1 油畫布本 59cm x 89cm 2015


How did you begin your art journey?

I love paintings and sketching when I was young, then I start to learn to painting with acrylic.  Art helped me to reveal my inner potentials, I did not realise I could be poetic until I tried to express my thoughts through my artworks, my real journey started from the Fine Art degree course.


What are the important steps of your creative process?

When I begin with a new project, I like to ask myself: what interests me in the surroundings, and why do I care?  Then I begin my research with three areas – my feelings, visual references, and theories.  Apart from research, skill and medium practices are very important to me and I will keep on doing it.  And also, to share the idea and get feedbacks from fellow art-mates helps to keep up my passion in art-making.

What do you enjoy doing besides art making?

I like movies, sports, travel, gather with my family and friends.

Where do you normally go if you want to see art?

Museum of Art Gallery in Central, Art Centre.

“I want to travel through time, I always wanted to go back to the past – to see and experience the ancient times; and I also to go back the times I treasure the most.”

About Noelle Ng

Noelle’s works:



Favorite book:  Bible

Favorite movie: Les Miserables

Favorite cartoon character: Doraemon

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