They are artists: Jeff Cheung

Have you been passionate about art all along?

Actually, when I was younger, I studied fashion design.  I think my art journey began in 2005, I started doing basic drawings and paintings while I was studying fashion design.  After I graduate, I went to New York, stayed there and worked for two years.   Then I decided to come back to Hong Kong, and come back to my true passion – fine arts.

jeff cheung

How do ideas come through?

My ideas originates from my own feelings and analysis.  I always write down my feelings and analyse the writings when I have time.    Then I make drawings based on the ideas and feelings.  From the drawing, I develop paintings, or other forms of art like sounds, videos, and installations.  I do not want to limit myself to a specific form to deliver the message.

When making art works, what are your concerns?

I’m concerned with the impact and energy that the work can bring.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to art making?

There are always hurdles and challenges in art creation.  To me, finding the most suitable form for an idea can be a very challenging; sometimes one needs lots of experiments and learning new skills.  That’s why I hope I can possess the power to master new skills in seconds.

What is your recent project?

I am creating an installation with the combination of smell, sound and video clips; and considering to include possible interactions as well.  I intend to make viewers imagine walking through life with things and events that influenced them.

Why are you interested to do this work?

Because I think the reflection of how a personality got built up and the realization of self is amazing.

What do you enjoy doing besides making art?

I write.  I always have a small note book with me for writing down things i find interesting, at any moment of life.  Besides that, I like the gym and have coffees with my friends.

jeff cheung

“Nothing is impossible, as long as you want to get things done.”

About Jeff Cheung

Jeff’s works:


Favourite movie: Lan-Yu (藍宇)

Favourite person: My parents

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