They are artists: Kamie Cheng

Why do you make artwork?

I had an accident in 2001 and was seriously injured, I started to think about the things I wanted to do and try, and the life that I wanted to live.  That’s how I began my journey, I studied, learnt more about myself, and learnt to express myself using art.  I wish I can live a peaceful life, but things happening in my world are not peaceful at all, so I decided to make artwork as my response to the world.

kamie cheng

What is your art practice about?

Mainly about social issues, I use ceramic to express my feelings on issues that I find interesting, I am planning to try mixing ceramic with other media.

kamie cheng

Where do you get inspired?

I find spaces (or stages) for dancers very inspirational.  I enjoy performance art, especially contemporary dance performances. Though I can’t dance, every time I see dancers move their bodies with passion and without words, I feel their emotions, know their messages.  The dancing bodies can be soft as a whisper and strong as a scream.  The stage, the performance environment, and the choreography touch each of my senses, and bring me to the imaginary dimension.

What do you like to do when you are not making art? 

I spend most of my time studying, going to exhibitions and watching performance arts.

How do you include art into your life?

As a person who lives in Hong Kong, I wish I can contribute to the society and do some good for the social environment.  I make use of my knowledge in art, and participate in social projects that helps children in grassroots families; and conserves the Hong Kong culture.

Who do you admire the most?

Salvador Dali, he dared to do what he imagined, and used all kinds of material.  He is an extremely talented artist, one almost has to be a little bit crazy to do what he did.

kamie cheng

“We over-focused on the daily particulars, and neglected our most basic needs and well-being.  I wish we could stop and think momentarily, and ask ourselves: what else can we do besides the daily duties?  Who are we?”


About Kamie Cheng

Kamie’s works:

Favorite book:  Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder

Favorite movie: Life is Beautiful

Favorite cartoon character: Little Miss Sunshine

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