They are artists: 李寧峰

你參與Ten Tents時於馬灣造了什麼作品?

我從馬灣一帶收集不同廢物,有磚塊有舊廚具。我用舊廚具造了一個裝置藝術,我把舊廚具一分為三份懸掛於天花,晚上在裝置下生火,模擬儀式的感覺。這作品三部份是馬灣給我的感覺,每次從碼頭來到Ten Tents陣地,都經過三個不同的階段:首先是極為富有的區域,然後是平房區,最後走到這個破爛的地方。


li lingfung

li lingfung



 li lingfung






最喜歡的電影:聖山 (The Holy Mountain)


2 thoughts on “They are artists: 李寧峰”

  1. Great design concepts and great implementation.
    I specially like the lamp shade, which you re-use,recycle and repurpose through arts and crafts. Gave it a new life.
    Simple concept with AMAZING style.
    I am not an artist, just an appreciator, but I knew being works in art you feel your success at each stage, when an art work finishing is a success. Presenting it also a success. Right now you try to disseminating the work is a success too. Although the financial reward might not be desirable for you right now, but believing yourself and pursuit your goal. One day you will make a name for yourself. Joe

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