They are artists: Mike Chan

Is there something you always draw? 

I always draw things related to the two characters – Fireyman and Iceman I created.  They have extremely different personalities.  I like contradictions, when things are sometimes confusing and sometimes crystal-clear.  It took me some years to develop the body of works on these two characters, I am planning to come back to them again soon.

mike chan mike chan

How do you create your artworks usually?

I always sketch and write down my ideas about random things, it is a good start point for me to develop something interesting.  When I draw, I do not plan on what to draw, usually I allow my instincts and ideas to take the led, and see how things go.

mike chan


Why is art important to you?

Art-making helps me think, it keeps me asking questions and learn; and it allows me to take a break from the reality.  Most important, making art is fun and enjoyable, I like to create silly and interesting artworks.

Do you find it difficult to make time for art in your busy life?

Indeed it is.  At the moment, I take up design jobs to support my living, and I always try to make time for art, which involves good time management to make a balance .  I love art and enjoy creating artworks, this is what keeps me going, I try not to let art slip away from my life.

mike chan

Has art-making always been a passion?

I have started drawing when I was young and it was more of a hobby back then.  I become serious with art when I was in London when having my bachelor and master degrees at the Central Saint Martins.

Who is your favourite Hong Kong director / visual artist?

Wong Kai Wai.  His films are just great, especially In the Mood of Love and Chungking Express.

mike chan

“I would like to make artworks to arouse people’s awareness about the issue and encourage people to care more about our city.”


About Mike Chan


Mike’s works:

Favorite artist:  David Hockney

Favorite place in Hong Kong: Sham Shui Po

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