They are art enthusiasts: CJ Tee

Why is your website called ‘whatsoever’?

I believe things come and go, so this is my attitude towards life.  I try not to care too much about it.  I try to be happy, take things easy and stay patient.

CJ Tee

What is art to you? 

I love art since I was in the primary school art is a tool for me to share things I enjoy seeing.  Art has to be created and to be appreciated.

How do you balance life between day job and your passion for photography?

I enjoy my life with fullness, I be myself and practice photography whenever I have the chance.  But money is always a burden, of course it would be great if I was born rich, and be able to live carefree.

carlos tse

“I wish I can live carefree.”


About CJ Tee


CJ’ works:

Favorite movie: Matrix

Favorite artist: M. C. Escher


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