They are artists: Kako Peco

Why do you make paintings?

When I am painting, I feel relief.  This is what makes painting so interesting.  I do not think about anything else, I just paint.  I am looking to achieve a state when painting is about making art, not about any commercial ideas.

kako peco

Do you always paint like that?

Not really, I used to think a lot about how to make a living with my art.  I hope to earn from my paintings.  But then I became sick of this idea, so I don’t think about it anymore.  Now just focus on the painting.

What is the material that you use to paint?

Industrial paint.  I lay thick MDF boards on the ground and pour the paints on them directly, then I let the paint flow.

What is your creative process like?

I used to think too much about everything on every project, and there are always people who think more research is needed, where the artwork should be based on some findings. I am getting tired of this process, and for now I just want my art practice to be free, I want to feel free.

Has art influence your daily life?

Art makes me see differently.  The way I see things is never the same.

What is important to you?

Staying curious is important to me, otherwise life will be boring.  Listening to others can be inspirational, there are so much fun and things to know about when talk to others, listen to people’s stories.

About Kako Peco

Kako’s works:

Favorite book:  Vagabond (浪客行)

Favorite movie: The Dreamers

Most admired person: Sasaki Kojirō (佐佐木小次郎)

Postscript  Kako smiles a lot when she talks. She is like an energetic younger sister in the movies - who has edgy hair and plans to learn tattoo painting.

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