They are artists: Chesko Ng

What is your recent work about?

It is about constant search for the definition of home.

 Why is this issue important to you?

Home is a place where I wake up every morning and go back to every night. It is very close to me, yet it seems very distant.  Also because of my background, home this idea has been very ambiguous to me since young age, therefore I would like to understand myself better through work of art.

Why do you make art?

To feel the existence of self.


What is your creative process like?

Interested subject -> research -> thinking -> making art -> research -> thinking

It is like a loop and an endless process, I keep questioning myself when I make art.

Share one thing that happened during the development that is unforgettable.

That is when I tried to connect my piece together before hanging it, the fabric got twisted and wrapped around my body entirely because it was quite a big piece and long length of fabric, I realized that probably defined what home was to me. It is actually part of me, part of my body that is inseparable yet there seems to be tangling.

How does art affect you?

Art allows me to perceive the world differently, and it makes me become more sensitive to the surroundings.

How did you become an artist?

I think art has been innate to me if one considers scribble of a child is an act of art.  I still remember my grandma sending me to art class when I was in kindergarten. Yet, to be specific, it was in the final year of my higher diploma in fashion studies, I realised I did not draw well enough, then I begin to practice drawing.  I keep on drawing and painting till now.

In these few years, I have been quite lost in my daytime job, so I decided to pursue the Master degree in visual arts, under the encouragement of my painting teacher and to fulfil my tiny wish to learn more about arts.

What is important to you?

In some ways I’m a person who lives in memories, memories are very important to me, the past that makes me the person I am today.  In reality, there are actually some memories we would like to forgo, but we cannot control ourselves and keep them deep hidden in our hearts.  Just like the film ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ – it is about memory, the attempt to erase memories, and how the memories came back at last.  I love this film, not only because the colour of the film is very attractive but also its a good story about memory.

What is your art practice about?

“Wearable art” has been my most comfortable medium due to my fashion background. I wish to further develop my skills, study about materials and explore other possible mediums.

Who is your favourite local artist?

I like quite a number of local artists such as Wing Shya, Lam Tung Pang and Pak Sheung Chuen.  If I have to name my favourite,  I will say it is my advisor Leung Mee Ping.  Momo has been a very inspiring teacher, I enjoy talking to her.  She has a special foresight and her works are inspirational and impressive.

“I’m used to visualising the final result, I guess this is because of my design background. Now I try to allow myself to develop, give myself more time.”

About Chesko

Chesko’s works:


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