They are artists: Chloe Cheuk

Tell us one of the painful things you have done so that you can keep making art?

Ever since I decided to study art in university, I stopped making art for a few years during public examinations so as to enter the art school.  This sounds contradictory but because I did not have outstanding academic result back then, so I have to gain good grades and strive for bigger bargaining power to study art in university.  It was my little strategy but life was like hell during that period.  I just hate public examination.


What is your art practice about?

I use mechanics (sensors, motors, pumps…) and software to make art.  Each artwork reflects different state of mind and ideas about the society so you will see some are fun, sad, or calm…

How do you get inspired?

I extract any of my daily observations, in the form of colour, shape, context, movement and so on.  When making a new piece, my state of mind will guide me to associate some of the daily objects, which can turn them into symbols.  Take my work “Sometimes Hot but Feeling Cold” as an example, when I was thinking about the topic of wind with a very calm environment and feeling, I will associate with the wind blowing from a fan to my body lying on my bed.  I will take this feeling further and grab the features that make me feel interested to develop a piece.

Why do you make art?

Art making is the way I choose to live, it allows me to be aware of my existence in the world.  I enjoy living beyond the confines of mundane and ordinary; where imagination derives from my inner desire.

How does art affect you?

I learn to balance the resistance, controls and power in life through art.  Art also transforms me to become more open-minded to accept different cultures as art itself is not limited by any boundaries.

What is the biggest hurdle in becoming a media artist?

It is hard to specialise in the technical skills. I have never learnt any electronics in my life until two years ago.  I always hope I can follow my heart to do whatever art-piece I have in mind, but the technical issues keep obstructing me to move forward.  All I can do is to keep working hard and try to be smart and solve the problems.


“I hope I can become fully conscious about myself without suffering from the externality, and to be able to accept the externality with inner peace.  I have too many dramas, where in life, there are different things that could affect my emotions, they control me.  I wish I can possess a peaceful mind and take control.”


About Chloe

Cheuk is a media artist graduated from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in 2012.


Favorite book: The Power of Now

Favorite movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Favorite cartoon characters: Elmo

Favorite place: My bed

Most admired person: Rebecca Horn

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