They are artists: Michelle Fung

What is your art about?

Animals have long been a recurring thread in my oeuvre.  From <<I Don’t Know if You Know How Much I Love You (2010-2011)>> where I paint a young female emotional landscape with animals, to <<Edible Animals (2013-4)>> where I try to find the link between the human emotional connection to animals and food, animals have always played a pivotal role.  Currently I am developing the latter series into an interactive installation that questions the idea of ethical meat eating.  Alongside my research interest in the modern meat industry, my latest drawing installation tells a poetic yet chilling dystopia of plastic consumption.

Wyandotte chicken

tabby cat

Why do you make art?

I think the generic answer that many artists give is that we have an urge.  Of course I have that urge too. I believe everyone has a gift to share and mine is most effective through my practice.  Making art makes me a better person.  I can’t see myself not making art.

How does art affect you?

It affects me in two main ways.  First of all, art is a priority in my life, I arrange very much of my life around activities related to art.  And the other thing is, the sensitivity I developed through art is hard to unlearn, not that I want to.  It greatly enhances life experiences.

What did you gain from art-making?

The more I reflect on my identity through my practice, the more I see myself as a middle-class. That means I contribute to the pollution by driving, taking the plane, having more dresses than I can wear and enjoying delicious imported food.  As much as I try to offset my carbon footprints in small ways (I started carrying my water bottle everywhere including on the plane and carry my shopping own bags all over the world, making my own organic soap and recycling as much as possible), my efforts will never catch up with my damage.

Who is your favourite local artist?

I really like how unassuming and genuine Joey Leung is, both her works and her personality.


“I take a bus from my Shau Kei Wan studio to Shek O to watch the waves.”


About Michelle, Fung Kuen Suet (馮捲雪)


Michelle’s works:

Favorite book: Taipei People by Pai Hsien-yung

Favorite movie: In the Mood of Love

Favorite cartoon character: Garfield

Most admired person: American radio psychologist Dr. Joy Browne

One thought on “They are artists: Michelle Fung”

  1. Hi my name is Anaiya and I’m a 7th grade student at First Colony Middle School. This week we have been working on analyzing cartoons and I choose one of yours Mrs.Fung so I was wondering if you would be able to type or email me back at so I can get more insight and information on the cartoon you drew.
    Thank You,
    Anaiya Midget,
    From First Colony Middle School

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