artspace • 觀塘 (六)

Osage Gallery 奥沙畫廊

Installation view of Leung Mee Ping’s Pearl River Delta Series I Made in Hong Kong. Image courtesy of the artist and Osage Gallery. Photographed by Bowy Chan
觀塘 興業街20號 聯興業工廠大廈 4樓


[Exhibition]  這裡擁有數千呎空間,是本地罕有的大型展覽場地。Osage 抱著推動國際和亞洲當代視覺藝術的使命,借不同的展覽去探討亞洲地區之間以及與世界多樣和複雜的關係。每年舉辦多個大型專題展覽,參展的包括本地和海外藝術家。

奥沙畫廊 Chloe  

“What is presented in our programmes of research, exhibitions and publications is  a coalescence of active artistic, cultural, social, political and economic investigtions and concerns, manifest in dynamic forms that are focused within, yet transpire beyond the walls of the gallery. We hope that through such a programme, we can inspire further questions and critical curiosity, and the embracing of an ongoing process of learning, unlearning and relearning. ”

編者推介:「要認識當代藝術,到 Osage 看展覽是不二之選。」

Main visual: Ng Sai Kit dis-close Installation view (Image courtesy of the artist and Osage Gallery)

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