They are artists: Mark Chung

Tell us about your art practice.

Looking back at my past works, I am always into appropriating the past/ capturing the past/ representing the past/ remaking the past in a manner that deny the pasts are bygones.  Landscape has been a common subject in my works too.

Dragon Back

How did you begin your art journey?

It started with me watching Cartoon Network after school not doing homework during primary school.

What medium do you usually use?

I see different mediums as different vessels that works a little like different languages. I tend to believe that some ideas are better expressed in some particular “languages”.

Speaking of preferences, I am more connected with lens-based media, screens and projection.  I find them simple, accessible, unambiguous, and they have the most innocent relationship with ‘light’.

How do you transform inspiration into works?

I usually jot down ideas in my notebook, then start to research information related to the idea, and develop an appropriate project.  I experiment with materials, mediums,  and select the most suitable one for the project.  Finally, I consolidate and analyse the experiments and summarised with written words.

How does art affect your life? 

I am unable to work in a proper full time job to earn a living.

“I wish I can create virtual eternity.”


About Mark Chung

Mark’s works:

Favourite book: On the Road

Favourite movie: Apocalypse Now

Favourite cartoon character: Lemon Grab

Favourite place: Reclamation Street in Yau Ma Tei


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