They are artists: Florence Li

What kind of medium do you use to make art?

I do not limit myself to the use of one single medium, but I do have my preference.  For now, I am interested in doing drawings, sculptures, installation and photography.

Collar of polo shirt, 2014

How did you begin your art journey?

I have been making art since 2011, I was studying Fine Arts in Chinese University at that time.  I used to do a lot of illustrations, because I like to visualize my imaginations simply using a pen and paper.  I’ve got a sense of freedom while doing drawings.

What is your artistic process like?

I am sensitive to materials. I usually use my intuition to choose the material and then I add my own interpretation. The idea or concept usually comes very last.  And I like the accidents that happen when transforming the materials.

Tell us about your art practice.

It begins with a compulsory need to fix and repair things which are broken.  I have this desire to be the one who fixes things in this world, although I know things will be broken again.  This idea sits as the core of my art practice.  I attempt to bring in the dilemma of hope and reality into my works.  This psychological thought has a large influence by existentialism and I am trying to apply the ideas into a contemporary world.

Most of the time, I work with small objects/sculpture. I use repetition as a strategy in an art piece. It also creates a state of meditation or solitude.  My works consist of a sense of emptiness.  They often engage with human condition, which I would describe as loneness, sadness, solitariness and isolation, but at the same time to give hope, humanism, care and love. Mending creates a sense of hopefulness into the world.  I would try to put this contradictory feeling inside my artworks. 

Is there a place in Hong Kong that inspires you a lot?

Jusco and hardware shop

Which Hong Kong artist you admire the most?

Nadim Abbas, his works are well-researched and they consist lots of psychological elements.

How did art influence you as a person?

Art really fills my emptiness.  Besides, it is the only field that I could fully express myself and there is no judgement on right or wrong.  I enjoy the way that I could use my true personality to communicate with people.

“A smell could recall my memories all of a sudden and this makes me think of a particular person.”


About Florence Li


Florence’s works:

Favourite Book: The Plague by Albert Camus

Favourite Film: The Darjeeling Limited

Most admired person: Frida Kahlo




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