They are artists: Ayumi Adachi

What inspires you?

The nature and natural phenomenon are overlooked in man-made city like Hong Kong, the beauty, mysteries and imperfection of such always inspire me to create.  If I do not live in HK, I would not be thinking so much about the nature.

Artwork 1

Any specific element in the nature means a lot to you?

I am very interested in lights – natural lights, artificial lights.  I just care about it so much, I think light connects me with my mind and the nature.

How did you begin your artistic journey?

I began to paint when I was kid, and I am still doing it.  It is easier for kids to paint freely and to express visually.  I guess I am not the only one who fall in love with painting since childhood.

Why did you stay in Hong Kong?

I have been asked about this many times, I stay here simply because I like Hong Kong.  I was educated in Osaka and first came to Hong Kong in 1994, I loved this place so much I had to come two, three times a year.  So I thought maybe I should move here, and decided to live and work in this place.  I feel good in Hong Kong, and made a lot of meaningful artworks here.

What is your creative process like?

My works are created with acrylic paint on canvas, they are usually in abstract and I paint with flat-painting technique.  I’m also trying to explore new way to make art with different materials and techniques.

Please tell us a little about the current project.

I am working on a body of works about time, moment and existence, while using the mirrors as the material.  In the works, mirror symbolises ‘existence’.  I am investigating the subject and trying to discover ways to represent my idea, and to shows ‘moments’.

“I do not try to challenge myself on purpose, in fact one must face a lot of challenges while making art.”

About Ayumi Adachi


Ayumi’s works:

Favourite Book: 自分の中に毒を持て by Taro Okamoto

Favourite Film: 縦横四海

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