They are artists: Kayla Man


Tell us about your art practice.

I use Chinese medicine to be the main elements of my mixed-medium artworks, in order to depict the ideological differences between modern and traditional society. I would also use other elements other than Chinese medicine to convey something related to the local cultures.

血汗錢, 2015 畫紙, 一毛錢, 水彩, 墨, 21X30cm

Tell us a little about your work “Liver”

Liver is a very important organ in the human body, according to Chines theories, the liver affects emotions, especially negative energy.  A person’s temper is connected with the condition of his/ her liver – to have good temper, one must possess a healthy liver.  So I experiment with the idea by creating my work with two kinds of herbs that cleanse the liver – mushroom and chrysanthemum.

What kind of medium do you use in your works?

I often use concept-based mixed media for my artwork development, while I would draw and paint sometimes.  I like using mixed media because I feel that the element I use in the artwork is easier to depict my perception of reality in comparison to traditional painting and drawing.

What is your creative process like?

“You cannot make the work perfect for the first time” – That’s what I have experienced.  The process is long and you cannot imagine how long it is.  Let’s say for the “Liver” artwork, I have spent three or four hours to paste the element and fix the craftsmanship since I use hot glue gun for making the piece.  Before that, I have to do enough safety precaution to use the hot glue gun.  There’s a lot to learn, and practice before one can get a tiny bit done.

How did you begin your art journey?

Back in the days when I was a new student in the Jockey Club Ti-I College, the teachers there showed me what art can be, and that’s how it began.

How does art affect your life?

It motivates my life to be more interesting and optimistic. I always express myself into the artwork.

“You cannot make the work perfect for the first time – that’s what I have experienced.”

About Kayla Man

Kayla’s works:



Favorite book:  Terrifying Tales by Edgar Allan Poe

Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction

Favorite cartoon character: Inuyasha

Favorite cartoon character: Hong Kong Market

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