They are artists: Vincent Wong

Tell us about your artworks.

I mainly use ink and water-colour to make sketches.  I began to make collage by combining my sketches with withered flowers and leaves.  I like the connection between urban sketches and the nature.

work 4

What do you sketch?

I sketch the buildings and the happenings in the city with ink pen and water-colour.  Most of the times, I just keep things simple with lines in black-and-white, for some buildings are so beautiful that all I need to do is to represent their unique shapes.

What is your creative process like?

When I go out to sketch in a particular area, I walk through the place slowly and observe the buildings and people there in order to feel the place and my mood.  When I sketch, I modify the shapes of the buildings to fit in to the space and my mood.  The works captured the unique personal moments when they are created.

How did you began your art journey?

Some time ago, I visited an art gallery in Central.  I saw an exhibition and was deeply impressed by the texture and emotions of the paintings.  I then started to learn oil painting, that’s how it began.

How does art affect you?

It allows me to appreciate the beauty of the nature – I like to draw the nature (trees, flowers, animals…)  And I become more peaceful and patient after I practice art.

work 5

“I want to be able to capture (or record) my dreams, so that I can replay them as short films whenever I want.

sketching 2

About Vincent

Vincent’s works:

Favorite book:  Little Prince

Favorite movie: In the mood of love

Favorite cartoon character: EVA

Favorite artist:  Vivian Ho

Favorite place: Ladder Street in Sheung Wan

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