They are artists: Donna Tam

Tell us about your art practice.

It’s about the interaction between artificial light and neon colour and how it creates an atmosphere of contemplation, mystery and longing, which seems paradoxical to the busy, crowdedness of urban cities.  My ideas and motifs are sourced from nocturnal observation of urban areas in Hong Kong.

What kind of medium do you use in your works?

I have been a long-time painter.  However, soon I considered painting as a lone medium has its limitations in representing ideas under certain context.  Hence, I started exploring other media such as installation and photography in my collection of art work.  In such process, I had also added abstract elements and eventually become a signature part of my later stage of art work.

What is your creative process like?

I work by ‘thinking through making’.  I make work even though it doesn’t make any sense in the first place.   I then go photographing whatever I found interesting (a form of visual research), reflecting on my current work, studying artists that share similar ideas, reading, articulating my work and thoughts, sharing with artist friends and advisors.  Eventually, I will make a “Click of Eureka” and say : “THAT’S THE WORK”!


How did you begin your art journey?

I have never stopped drawing & painting since childhood.  By the time I started my Fine Art Master course, my artistry journey officially began.

How does art affect your life?

Art made me quit my job.  Art makes me a brave person ready to try, fail and then succeed.  Art will make a more beautiful person and soul out of me.

“There can be no beauty without decay.”


About Donna Tam

Donna’s works:

Favorite movie: 3 Idiots

Favorite place: Old urban residential areas

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