They are artists: Timothy Chow

Tell us about your art practice.

I started to create pop-up art interventions in the past years.  My works always associate to the place and the surrounding people, it involves me adding-on or tweaking something at a specific location, and create something different to the people there.

What kind of medium do you use in your works?

I like mixed-media – especially when mixing found objects with computer art or printed materials, the result always bring a unique visual experience.

What is your creative process like?

I usually search for an appropriate way to execute my inspiration.  I do on-site research to trace the history and the development of a certain place.  I gather the elements and they will become a part of my work.

How did you begin your art journey?

When I was young, I spent lots of time on drawing vehicles and buildings.  Drawing gives me a state of calmness.  I resumed my journey when I began to take up studying the master of visual arts programme.

“Art makes me re-think about our lives.  It is the way to present our perceptions towards past and present.”

About Timothy Chow

Timothy’s works:

Favorite book:  那夜凌晨 我坐上旺角開往大埔的紅Van

Favorite movie: The Matrix

Favorite place in Hong Kong: Tsing Yi

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