They are artists: Andrew Luk

Please tell us about your art practice

My work is non-medium specific but is usually heavily involved with the inherent properties of objects/substances but also takes into account that material’s intended purpose and symbolism. Even Photoshop is treated as a process which leaves certain traces, adheres to preexisting standards, and has a step like process. I would treat these as properties of that process and try to see how a project could fit within those frameworks, limitations, and implications.

Vinyl Fungi

What medium do you usually use for artwork development?

My artistic practice is not medium specific. However, at some point in the development of a project or series there are always several drawings. The drawings vary widely on style and approach depending on where I am with the thinking process and how confident I am with the idea. Drawing is, for me, an essential and necessary part of observation and contemplation.

What is your creative process like?

There has to be an investigative or experimental element to the process to carry my interest from inspiration to project. Even when painting I don’t start with a plan. I might have an idea or a direction, but never a plan. The risk of failure or compromise that is associated with this kind of undertaking can sometimes lead to “gray spaces” (overlooked or uncharted territory between what is already understood). A lot of my work relates to collecting, cataloging and archiving images and materials and attempting to find commonalities, trends, overreaching concepts, and outliers.


How did you begin your art journey?

It began with a combination of great teachers, realizing the NBA would never draft me, and an understanding that art would be the best way to live a self-directed life without the boredom and mindless rat wheeling that I fearfully foresaw approaching in adulthood.

How does art affect you?

I’m going to try to answer this in several different ways. At times there is no difference between the two. I see art in my everyday life all the time. Sham Shui Po is a particularly self-unaware creative place. On the other hand, in regards to my own practice, it’s a constant struggle to draw a line and not have one impose on the other, which I’ve been told gets easier with time. At the moment art and life are one. If I’m not working on art, then I’m thinking about, working on or reading about/looking at something with the intention of learning or creating. This, I realize, sounds miserable but a life of devoting oneself to studying, thinking, and art making opens up a lot in terms of knowledge and self-understanding, which I feel is something to aspire to.

“I like places without proper names. I usually get inspired when hiking off trail or exploring empty streets before dawn. The time of day can refresh familiar places.

About Andrew Luk


Andrew’s works:


Favourite Movie:  The Big Lewbowski

Favourite Cartoon Character:  Batman from “Batman The Animated Series”.  Not all Batmans are created equal

Favourite Book:  Anything by Orwell, Vonnegut, Camus, or DFW

Most admired person:  I find the former president of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, to be pretty admirable

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