Artist-in-residence Journal《Zalaegerszeg》1

Invited by D’Clinic Studios in Hungary, Noelle Ng participates in an overseas artist residency program in a town called Zalaegerszeg, to explore the possibilities in art creations and for cultural exchange with other artists.

About Noelle Ng


Jun 1 2016


I had an orientation in the studio and the residency program for 3 weeks began.



For the past 2 days, I just walked around the small town to get inspirations.  And I took some time to make some simple artworks at studio, start up my creative engine.


Small works I’m working on:
(1) Electorcardiogram-like drawings
To document my reflections towards the place Zalaegerszeg.
This historical town, compared to Hing Kong, is a quiet place.  I began to notice that I am not too used to working at a quiet environment like it here.  I started to record my feelings with electorcardiogram-like drawings from the first day, I intended to do this throughout the program.  I am hoping to see if there are any changes.  I can imagine this could become like a landscape, of my heart, my feelings.
(2) Things and System
White grid washroom/bathroom ceramic seems universal object.
From the wall of the studio, I can tell that I was a laundry room.  I am still trying to consolidate this idea, but I am thinking to do something about the reality of ‘things’ and its need to get into a ‘system’ that exist in our norms.  ‘Things’ sometimes have to self-deconstruct and fit-in.  Just like the nature, ourselves and the ‘others’…
I am still getting inspired, will begin to work on a final project.  I will probably focus on forms/ materials/ concepts/ contexts…


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