Artist-in-residence Journal《Zalaegerszeg》2

Invited by D’Clinic Studios in Hungary, Noelle Ng participates in an overseas artist residency program in a town called Zalaegerszeg, to explore the possibilities in art creations and for cultural exchange with other artists.

About Noelle Ng


Jun 7 2016

The idea for my final project came up on the 4th day of my residency.

Traditional and contemporary statues are everywhere in Europe.  There is no exception in Zalaegerszeg, although it is a small town but it has 207 pieces of statues, from small ones to big ones, most of them are traditional ones but there are also some contemporary statues.

Most of the statues are famous people from the old days, such as the Kings, the nobles, poets… etc, and they are usually men.  They all look very serious like the classic statues.

The notion of the project is to breakaway from the stiff and serious statues.  I am making a female soft statue referencing one of the sculptures call ‘The leave knees’, it is a lady statue called Lily.  Lily is a very popular statue, and there are a lot of replicas, there is one in Zalaegerszeg in a sitting position as well.  The soft sculpture that I am working on will be duplicated according to her features in a contemporary approach.  At specific sites she will interact with 6 selected male statues, with different body gestures, in order to create a new perspective from the original.

I am busy getting materials, and research information about the statues, to think about the composition.  In the 2nd week of my residency, I focused in making the soft female sculpture, worked on pattern, sewing, and inner construction etc.


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