Artist-in-residence Journal《Zalaegerszeg》3

Invited by D’Clinic Studios in Hungary, Noelle Ng participates in an overseas artist residency program in a town called Zalaegerszeg, to explore the possibilities in art creations and for cultural exchange with other artists.

About Noelle Ng


Jun 15 2016

I made a soft sculpture after ‘Lily’ during the second week of my residency, I have finished with the production and the sculpture is ready to interact with the men statues in Zala.
Each statue has their own background and stories, and there is a reason for them to be built in the town.  Based on the original story the statues, I twisted and gave additional meanings to create new perspectives by using different objects, poses, and composition for each site-specific execution, and for each of the execution, I took photos for record.
The photo shooting was done at 5:30am to catch the best sunlight in the summer, and also to avoid the crowd.  People in Zala showed interests and the local newspaper reported the intervention and posted some photographs too (Click here to read the news).
During the 3rd week, I transformed the images of ‘Lily’ with other statues to another further level.  I tried to create a new background and circumstances in acrylic painting; this approach of appropriation suggested surreal, ironic and playful images with the statues.


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