Artist-in-residence Journal《Zalaegerszeg》4

Invited by D’Clinic Studios in Hungary, Noelle Ng participates in an overseas artist residency program in a town called Zalaegerszeg, to explore the possibilities in art creations and for cultural exchange with other artists.

About Noelle Ng


Jun 23 2016


It is the last week of my artist in residence at D’clinic, I focus on transforming images of ‘Lily and male statues’ into acrylic painting; and also to plan for the exhibition at the end of my residence.

At first, I planned to show artworks made with three different mediums in the final exhibition, which includes 5 site-specific images of Lily and male statues, 5 acrylic paintings and the soft sculpture of Lily.  But I got one week left to work on the paintings, and only two were finished.  Nevertheless, it was good enough to depict my creative notion.

The exhibition was held in D’clinic Studio on Friday night.  It was a group exhibition with two other female artists of the program –  Ariel Cotton from New York and Claudia Maria from Peru, Ariel is a comic artist and Claudia makes video installation.

Audience were locals from different background and age groups.  We introduced our projects, and translator Gabor translated to Hungarian for us.  It was a valuable experience to communicate with the local public through my artwork.  The exhibition received  interests and support from the public, and another piece of news wrote about the project (Click here to read the news).

It was my first residency and I gained plenty of fruitful experiences from the trip.  During the whole project and process, D’clinic Studios provided tons of support – technical, research, material supply…, and they helped with photo shooting, media relations, and exhibition arrangement as well.  It is a very good platform for artists from different countries and cultures to exchange with one another.  I definitely recommend D’clinic’s program for those who love making art.  And I look forward to sharing my next journal in the future.


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