They are artists: Dominic Lee

Tell us about your art practice.

My artistic brain droppings mostly revolve around distance irony and cynicism, because good wit suggests intelligence, think of it as a way to massage my ego. The question now is whether if you want to laugh at me or laugh with me.  Humours and lame puns is a consistent theme – I find great similarity in art and comedy, both genre implicate convoluted techniques to make people laugh and contemplate.


What is the medium that you use to create your works?

My work tends to provide an immersive experience to the viewers; I like them to be able to touch and feel my piece.  Through their interaction, my work becomes a shared experience, breaking the “fourth wall”. Art should exist in a fourth dimension, somewhere at the intersection of space and time.  My intention is to lead the viewers to there, together.

How do you transform inspiration into works?

I spend large potion of time to find an interesting form, it is the “make or break” for an immersive experience. I would start by thinking how the viewers will interact with it and feelings that it will evoke.

What are your inspirations? 

Nostalgia, I find happier time more often in reminiscent of the past. The “good old days”, like Memory in CATS the musical, letting memory to lead me to find the meaning of what happiness is. The uplifting scenes of awe usually become my inspirations.

How did you begin your art journey?

Like everyone else, in high school, I had an inspiring art teacher. She is very supportive and encourages me to do stuff, go places. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I will still be practising art today.

A Sunday Drive Down the Memory Lane
A Sunday Drive Down the Memory Lane

How does art affect you?

Art is great way to ease out the effects of boredom.  Artists have a heighten sense in observation, even in the most boring situations, we could find something interesting to look at.  So, I guess I am very less likely to be bored.

What is it like to practice in Hong Kong?

There are so many topics available to us daily, our news are comical, our people are hysterical. It is impossible to run out of materials in Hong Kong.  Speaking of materials, we are only inches away from Mainland China—the factory of the world, art supplies is a click away with overnight express delivery, there is really no excuse to not make artwork.

Root Route
Root Route

‘”First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. – Mahatma Gandhi.” – my favourite quote.’


About Dominic Lee


Dominic’s works:

Favourite Character: Dana Scully of X-files

Favourite Book: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Favourite Film: Shaun of the Dead





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