Dusk Rat Run – A night of back alleys in between the industrial buildings in Kwun Tong


EVENT MAP of Dusk Rat Run

In the unnoticeable gaps between the vast buildings
hide an obscure Kwun Tong

Dusk Rat Run is a one-night flash mob art happening, transforming the maze-liked back alley network in Kwun Tong industrial area into an experimental art platform.  The happening aims to discover the back alleys and explore their potentials and possibilities, which extends to that of other public spaces in Hong Kong.

Up to 30 artists and art groups of diverse media will take part in Dusk Rat Run, of which more than 20 are selected from the Open Call for Creative Projects in the past 2 months. All artworks are dedicated to the happening.  They include installations, performances, sculptures, games and walks, most of them inspired by back alleys and Kwun Tong.

Dust Rat Run will cover more than 20 alleys near Hoi Yuen Road, the main road spans from Kwun Tong MTR station all the way to the pier. Between vast and packed industrial buildings, the interconnected narrow alleys form the possibly largest back-alley network in Hong Kong. Streets in Kwun Tong are immensely crowded during working hours; these alleys become shortcuts to avoid the crowd.

The government has implemented plans to rectify the back alleys of the district. However, like other rear lanes, debris and stains are still everywhere. At the labyrinth of alleys in industrial area, bills, roll-up banners, car tires, pallets together compose a unique urban scene.  At night, after work hours, the alleys become quiet and render another atmosphere.

The back alleys are not as regulated as the main streets. Alleys can be messy, but they are relatively free from control. Unlike the much administered and homogeneous public spaces in Hong Kong, each alley has its distinctive appearance and character. The back alleys as hidden public spaces are unique of Hong Kong. However, they are often disregarded or considered as dangerous and need rectification.

Date: NOV 25 2017 (Sat)

Time: 17:00-23:00

Venue: Kwun Tong factory area (From Kwun Tong MTR station to the seaside) – (Click for activity floor plan)

Organiser: Altermodernist

Curator: Yip Kai Chun

Artist: CHAN Pui-leung, Peggy | CHEUK Wing-nam, Wing | HO Yee-man, Regina | MOLDFLIP | WONG Wai-kin, Kenji | YEUNG Sau-cheuk | Samuel YIP | 555 Team (HO Lok-chung, Dave & YUEN Chun-tai, Ivy) |Wings CHAN | Intuon CHAU | Meko CHENG | Vera CHIU | CHUNG Siu-fung | Christy HUI | Humchuk | KUO Ying-hsiu | Sharmaine KWAN | Lala | LAU Cathleen Ching-yee | LI Fung-chun | LING Chung-wan, Kevin | LIT Wing-hung | MOK Ting-yan | Joseph NGAN | Jaffe.T | Jessie TAM | WAN Xuan, Daimao | Edith WONG | WONG Wai-kiu, Jay | YANG Liu | Wing-kei YU, Rik | ZHENG Tian-yi

Project Partner: Colour EXP

Stay tuned for more details to be announced on Dusk Rat Run event page and Altermodernists FB page

The event map can be downloaded for participants to explore the Kwun Tong Industrial districts and artworks. Printed version is also available at Colour EXP (8 / F, Ming Sang Industrial Building, 19-21 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong) on the event day.

On event day, there are also alternative guided tours designed by Altermodernists to lead everyone into personal feeling from the alleys. Register now: https://goo.gl/forms/iHLDDysa13cZJSgo2

Enquiry: hey.altermodernist@gmail.com / Facebook: the.altermodernist


Artist-run collaborative platform to promote the experience of art in daily life.  Through research, interviews and experimental projects, Altermodernists explores possibilities of experience and appreciation of arts in unconventional ways. 

Yip Kai Chun
Artist and Curator. Comparing with the White Walls, he relatively loves the spaces with traces and stories.  yipkaichuns.com

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