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I am not strong enough to change the world, but I believe in art to change the people.

Dusk Rat Run Participating artists


Peggy Chan

Artist and “Art Together “Founder & Director.  Cyanotype, the traditional photographic printing process, has been Chan’s favourite medium in her recent works.  The process highly relies on sunlight and time in the creation process.

Cheuk Wing-nam

Cheuk Wing Nam is a Hong Kong interdisciplinary artist.  She devotes to develop her artwork mixing sound and other media with modern computer technology.

Regina Ho

She graduated from her Master Degree of Visual Arts (Studio Art and Extended Media) in Hong Kong Baptist University. She specialises in new media installation and sound sculpture.  Regina Ho is a Hong Kong visual artist. Her study is committed to exploring repetition in art practice. She has her first solo exhibition “Best Before” at Hong Kong Arts Centre in 2015. Received Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) at RMIT University, Regina is awarded Mr. Jerry Kwan Memorial Scholarship (2015/2016). She is now studying Master of Arts in Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Moldflip studio

In the cold concrete jungle, we aspire to be satisfied.

We discover the value of the dull cement.

Moulded, apathetic giant buildings they used to be.

We turn cement into something warm.

Cement can be something small, a part of life.

Kenji Wong

Wong Wai-kin, Kenji (b.1987) is an Cross-media artist who received his Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong, and Master of Cultural Studies from Lingnan University. His works have been exhibited in New York, Taipei, Macau and Hong Kong. Wong is currently a Video & Photo Journalist at Stand News.

Yeung Sau-cheuk

A retired visual arts teacher, always brings students out of the classrooms, to create on the streets. Believes art education can inspire critical thinking, shape personalities and change the community.

Samuel Yip

Samuel Yip is a new media artist, and co-founder of WARE.

Intuon Chau

Intuon Chau (b.1995) is a student of BFA Programme in RMIT University. Her works mainly involve sound and painting.

Meko Cheng

Meko Cheng is studying at the Hong Kong Art School in Bachelor of Fine Art programme, majoring in sculpture. She focuses on installation, sculpture and photography.  She often uses light and reflective materials to create illusion, bringing out the imagination through contemplation and silence, coming into a purity where she looks for her inner self.

Vera Chiu

Vera Chiu is an artist and art educator. Her 3-dimensional creations are made through painting. Through creating and mentoring, she hopes to share art with a wider audience.

Christy Hui

A 90s baby; part-time Art Partitioner; love working out social experiments.  Wandering between streets & community to discover more possibilities on alternative spaces.


Ricky Luk aka “Humchuk” graduated in Architecture Design in 2012.  Since 2014, “life” has became as his full-time career and art creation his part-time.

Sharmaine Kwan

Sharmaine Kwan is an artist whose work traverses across various disciplines including contemporary art, painting, installation and new media art. She graduated in Fine Art in the UK and her work has been exhibited across the world in locations such as London, Athens, Portugal and South Korea.

Lala On

As the world today doesn’t make sense, why should i make artworks that do?

I believe that Art is the lie and the passage to truth.

To be able to take on living and exist is to through art.

There is no necessity or fixed needs, only choices and reactions.

My art reveal my choice and reaction.

The truth I want.

Lau Ching-yee Cathleen, Chung Siu-fung, Wings Chan

Lau Ching-yee Cathleen is now studying at Bachelor of Fine Arts with major sculpture at RMIT University. Her works have been using different “renewable” materials and concerning about all the relationships in human life.

Chung Siu Fung is pursuing a bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture. He believes art can make his life more interesting, and uses art to communicate with the public.

Chan Wing Size is now studying Bachelor of Fine Arts with major in Ceramics at RMIT University. She specializes in creation. She dedicates to creating surreal concepts in the real world.

Li Fung-chun

Li Fung-chun received her BA (Fine Arts) degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in 2013, and is currently pursuing her MA in Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Li’s paintings and installations explore the relationship between city and people, often connecting conflicting situations in the process.

Ling Chung-wan, Kevin

Ling Chung-wan Kevin (b. Hong Kong 1994) graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2017.  He was awarded the Tuna Prize at the AVA BA Graduation Exhibition 2017. Through community-based research and material exploration, he creates the simplest resonance. Alternate perspective towards urban elements can be found in Ling’s work. His works concern about the relationship and connection in community and a sense of curiosity.

Lit Wing-hung

Lit Wing-hung majors in sculpture.  She likes to discover ridiculous ideas and things. Her installations and sculptures has a lively sense of humour originated from the prescriptive everyday life, within which she unveils possibilities. She believes that humour can bring positive energy and connectedness.

Mok Ting-yan

Mok Ting-yan graduated from the Fine Arts Department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2015. Working mostly on mixed media, she emphasizes an object’s characteristics through “deconstruction” and “reconstruction” — a simple daily commodity can be regenerated into something surprising with a totally new interpretation and context.

Joseph Ngan

Graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Joseph Ngan is currently a freelance dance artist.


Born in the 1980s, a conceptual artist and curator and designer and writer, Jaffe mainly concerns with the description of the field and the type of data conversion. Most of his works focus on intervening in various types of public spaces. He publishes works in newspapers and other media.  His works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries. In 2017, Jaffe visited Taiwan for community arts exchange programmes. Currently, he considers himself a historical observer.

Tam Cheuk Lam

Born in 1993, Jessie enjoys cooking no matter how funny the result is. She realises that life is more important than art. She currently studies Fine Arts in CUHK.

Wang Xuan, Daimao

Wang Xuan is an artist and photographer. She obtained a bachelor degree in journalism, and then received the Master of Arts in Creative Media in the City University of Hong Kong.  She currently works in Osage Gallery.

Edith Wong

Edith Wong is studying in her second year in the Bachelor of Arts in Hong Kong Art School, majoring in sculpture. She explores different materials, allowing viewers to think the different modes and possibilities of visual.

Wong Wai-kiu, Jay

Wong Wai-kiu, Jay is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in United Kingdom.  She graduated in MA in Fine art at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2017. Her artworks originate from the use of body to explore and search for inner serenity.

Yu Wing-kei Rik

There’s no such thing as a guide book for life itself, but only can fathom one’s situation and its surrounding, via wandering in between two-dimension and three-dimension.

Zheng Tian-yi

Zheng Tianyi, currently studying at the CUHK Department of Fine Arts, will graduate in the coming year. Her artworks focus on ready-made objects, installations and videos as well as issues on space and identity. Relationship between technology and human is also one of the topics she concerns recently.

555 Team (Yu Chun-tai Ivy & Ho Lok-chung Dave)

555 is a creative group formed by two young Hong Kong artists Dave Ho and Ivy Yuen. They create and collaborate to and fro,  happening spontaneously in the cities.  Their recent work is “Let’s hunt our treasure in Kassel”.

VAGA Body & Multimedia Experimental Group (Kuo Ying Hsiu & Yang Liu)

VAGA Body & Multimedia Experimental Group was founded in 2016, including choreographer Yang Liu (China) and artist Kuo Ying-hsiu (Taiwan). The group’s ongoing art project “Embodying Places” is a nomadic platform of artistic research exploring the possibilities of body as a tool to analyse the social fabric in different contexts, close to the”Landscape Theatre” concept.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



走夜巷 參與藝術家

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倒模 曾經是冷漠的巨型建築


將水泥縮小 化成生活的一部分












Vera Chiu是藝術家及導師。她的創作用繪畫形式造出立體的作品,透過創作和教授,希望與大眾分享藝術。


90後 兼職偽術家 喜歡做社會實驗 在社區與街道遊走 尋找可創作的空間同更多可能性


Ricky luk 筆名「含蓄」,2012年建築系畢業。2014年開始,全職生活,副職藝術創作。






劉菁兒現在就讀澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學藝術文學士,主修雕塑。以不同「可再生」物料創作,關注人文生活中的所有關係。            鍾肇峰現修讀澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學藝術文學士,主修雕塑。透過藝術表達對社會的看法,令只有工作的生活變得有趣。 陳穎思現修讀澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學藝術文學士,主修陶瓷。擅於和物料溝通及觀察生活,透過創作將超現實的概念在現實世界中呈現。












八十後概念藝術家及策展人及設計師及書寫者,簡稱多功能廢人,主要關注為描述場域及資料轉化類別。作品多以介入各類型公共空間作重點,也刊登作品於報章及各類媒體。作品曾於中港台等地展覽,2017 年到訪台灣進行社區藝術駐場交流計劃,暫時角色是一個歷史觀測者.













五百五十五 創作團袁進女太、何濼聰


VAGA Body & Multimedia Experimental Group – 郭盈秀、楊柳


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Dusk Rat Run Event Map

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走夜巷 地圖




Dusk Rat Run – Event materials




Dropbox 下載聲音


Dusk Rat Run – A night of back alleys in between the industrial buildings in Kwun Tong


EVENT MAP of Dusk Rat Run

In the unnoticeable gaps between the vast buildings
hide an obscure Kwun Tong

Dusk Rat Run is a one-night flash mob art happening, transforming the maze-liked back alley network in Kwun Tong industrial area into an experimental art platform.  The happening aims to discover the back alleys and explore their potentials and possibilities, which extends to that of other public spaces in Hong Kong.

Up to 30 artists and art groups of diverse media will take part in Dusk Rat Run, of which more than 20 are selected from the Open Call for Creative Projects in the past 2 months. All artworks are dedicated to the happening.  They include installations, performances, sculptures, games and walks, most of them inspired by back alleys and Kwun Tong.

Dust Rat Run will cover more than 20 alleys near Hoi Yuen Road, the main road spans from Kwun Tong MTR station all the way to the pier. Between vast and packed industrial buildings, the interconnected narrow alleys form the possibly largest back-alley network in Hong Kong. Streets in Kwun Tong are immensely crowded during working hours; these alleys become shortcuts to avoid the crowd.

The government has implemented plans to rectify the back alleys of the district. However, like other rear lanes, debris and stains are still everywhere. At the labyrinth of alleys in industrial area, bills, roll-up banners, car tires, pallets together compose a unique urban scene.  At night, after work hours, the alleys become quiet and render another atmosphere.

The back alleys are not as regulated as the main streets. Alleys can be messy, but they are relatively free from control. Unlike the much administered and homogeneous public spaces in Hong Kong, each alley has its distinctive appearance and character. The back alleys as hidden public spaces are unique of Hong Kong. However, they are often disregarded or considered as dangerous and need rectification.

Date: NOV 25 2017 (Sat)

Time: 17:00-23:00

Venue: Kwun Tong factory area (From Kwun Tong MTR station to the seaside) – (Click for activity floor plan)

Organiser: Altermodernist

Curator: Yip Kai Chun

Artist: CHAN Pui-leung, Peggy | CHEUK Wing-nam, Wing | HO Yee-man, Regina | MOLDFLIP | WONG Wai-kin, Kenji | YEUNG Sau-cheuk | Samuel YIP | 555 Team (HO Lok-chung, Dave & YUEN Chun-tai, Ivy) |Wings CHAN | Intuon CHAU | Meko CHENG | Vera CHIU | CHUNG Siu-fung | Christy HUI | Humchuk | KUO Ying-hsiu | Sharmaine KWAN | Lala | LAU Cathleen Ching-yee | LI Fung-chun | LING Chung-wan, Kevin | LIT Wing-hung | MOK Ting-yan | Joseph NGAN | Jaffe.T | Jessie TAM | WAN Xuan, Daimao | Edith WONG | WONG Wai-kiu, Jay | YANG Liu | Wing-kei YU, Rik | ZHENG Tian-yi

Project Partner: Colour EXP

Stay tuned for more details to be announced on Dusk Rat Run event page and Altermodernists FB page

The event map can be downloaded for participants to explore the Kwun Tong Industrial districts and artworks. Printed version is also available at Colour EXP (8 / F, Ming Sang Industrial Building, 19-21 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong) on the event day.

On event day, there are also alternative guided tours designed by Altermodernists to lead everyone into personal feeling from the alleys. Register now:

Enquiry: / Facebook: the.altermodernist


Artist-run collaborative platform to promote the experience of art in daily life.  Through research, interviews and experimental projects, Altermodernists explores possibilities of experience and appreciation of arts in unconventional ways. 

Yip Kai Chun
Artist and Curator. Comparing with the White Walls, he relatively loves the spaces with traces and stories.

走夜巷 – 官塘工廠大廈間的一夜藝術實驗場

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即看>走夜巷 地圖












陳佩玲  | 卓穎嵐 | 何綺雯 | 倒模 | 王偉健 | 楊秀卓 | 葉韋瀚 | 五百五十五 創作團 (何濼聰/袁進女太) | 陳穎思 | 周姍祐 | 鄭凱殷 |趙芝婷 | 鍾肇峰 | 許穎雯 | 含蓄 | 郭盈秀 | 安嘉敏 | 劉菁兒 | 李鳳珍 | 凌中雲 | 呀列 | 莫亭殷 | 顏堅輝 | 謝斐 | 譚綽琳 | 王萱 | 黃嘉怡 | 黃煒喬 | 楊柳 | 余榮基 | 鄭天依

計劃伙伴:Colour EXP


活動將設有可供下載的後巷地圖,供參加者尋找各藝術作品之餘,亦同時探索後巷、官塘和工業區的空間。印刷版地圖亦可於當日在Colour EXP(官塘興業街19至21 號明生工業大廈8樓)拿取。


查詢 / Facebook: the.altermodernist






走夜巷 Dusk Rat Run : 創意計劃招募

《藝們》積極探索城市不同區域的創意潛力,為大眾的日常帶來新意思。官塘區是我們第一個研究的地區,它從工業、居住漸變為以商務為主,混合了多種的故事、多變的身份、多層的質感。由2015年我們開始探索觀塘的景觀與獨特性,並邀請策展人葉啟俊參與。兩年來,經過考察、研究、討論,我們最終決定舉辦「走夜巷」Dusk Rat Run一夜活動,並公開招募創意計劃 ,希望與不同藝術家合作,一同發掘官塘不同的面貌。


「走夜巷」Dusk Rat Run












(1) 計劃概念:100字以內,闡述計劃概念和詳情,中英均可



請將資料上傳到 Google Form,截址日期為2017 年 9月29日 (星期五) 晚上11時59分,逾期的計劃書概不受理。



﹣作品面積 : 不限, 請注意場地為戶外及公眾地方;

﹣申請次數:不限, 每人可提交多於一份計劃書;




﹣創作及作品展示需要請注意個人及公眾安全 (參考指引: 逃生途徑規定 #25.3);







9 月 29 日                           申請截止

10月2日 至 13日             審核、面談和甄選

10月16日                          個別入圍通知

10月16日 至 11月           討論細節及製作展品

11月25日                         (黃昏) 展品安裝、公眾開放 (午夜前) 拆卸展品、離場



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南區 Urban Art Tour 









鄧凝梅 : 觀《有啲干擾》之後感






Photo: 點子藝術創作 Facebook

表演開始了,畫家開始畫畫了。灰色木板兩側有余偉聯的常用道具: 兩個橙色的布造籃球、沒有門的雪櫃,內有紅光。畫家來來回回於畫作和沙發前的距離,加上一筆,退後把這一筆和整體觀看整合一下,然後或者加上第二筆,也可能把第一筆抹掉。他正在展示出藝術家那種和藝術作品的創造過程,那在作品面前來回行了十萬百千里的投入、對話、困擾和思考。


以上的景況維持了十多分鐘至廿分鐘,黎振寧起身把檯拉到莫偉立那邊的前方,然後黎就行去畫作的左方坐在椅上。他開始用很慢的動作脫去防毒面具、衣服等。與此同時,畫家(余偉聯)、時間放置者(黃淑賢) 、穿梳時空者(莫偉立) 都是重覆做著以上介紹過的東西。


由表演開始,那個全視者 (all seeing eye , 莫偉立) 看到了他們三人,遊走于他/她們三人的空間,拍攝、記錄、播放。

Photo: 點子藝術創作 Facebook




受傷的幽靈繼而調教了一個鋼琴用的拍子機, 這拍子機的的答答聲便開始和各處的時間報導器聲音混合一起了。畫家的缐條、色塊的加加減減已畫成了兩個橙色的籃球,那個沒有門的雪櫃內有些紅光,在畫中紅光變成緣光。畫家時而爬上梯,時而坐在沙發上,時而對照著他手中的一些草圖。全視者就耐不耐拍攝這三人。最初時間放置者的聲音是有些普通話的廣播,使我聯想到莫偉立的政治身分,但是後來普通話的廣播好像減少了,他的全視者角式就比較突出來。




Photo: 點子藝術創作 Facebook


《有啲干擾 – 創作行動聯展》
演出:2017. 07. 29 (星期六) | 15:00 – 18:00
地點:九龍馬頭角道63號, 牛棚藝術村7號單位, 前進進牛棚劇場
回顧:Facebook Live 片段



Altermodernists Projects presents The Contemplation Garden, a project exploring possibilities in urban space and the realm of exhibitions, with a group of artists living and working in Hong Kong.  The project runs a series of exhibitions by artists with diverse interests in materials, artistic forms and approaches, yet they shared a mutual concern with human conditions inspired by experiences in the city they reside.

Gardens were places for people to contemplate in the western medievals, for people to hide from the daily mundane and think about the spiritual aspects of life[1]; whereas the traditional Japanese gardens are designed with philosophical ideas related to the aesthetic appreciation of the evanescence of life[2].  The Contemplation Garden constructs an invisible breathing space (‘the garden’) connected by the spread-out sites, to investigate its relationship with the society and among the sites.

The two-part project presents artworks in sites close to daily life, where people come and go for anything but art, and taps into the sphere of art in non-gallery space, where artworks are perceived with the usual senses.

LI Fung Chun’s Chinese ink paintings and Redtonetone handmade paper collages at HABITU table Queen’s Road East and Cityplaza Eslite Spectrum mark the inauguration of the project.

Inspired by her change of daily routine in recent months, LI depicts the eternal recurrence in life with her sequence of Chinese ink paintings in the exhibition Sunrise, Sunset. The heavily textured ink-wash works on paper are created with unconventional tools; they are exhibited side by side to create an imaginary instance where the sun rises and sets concurrently.

Paper artist Redtonetone sees passing along ancient paper making technique as her calling.  In the exhibition For-Paper-rest, she extends her handmade paper into art-making and experiments with forms and shapes in a series of paper collages.  The earthly works documents the artist’s process, her attempt to reconnect with nature in the dedicated practice and the will to belief.

The second part of The Contemplation Garden extends to new territories with Victor CHU Chi Kuen’s line drawings and Elaine WONG Suk Yin’s photo installation.

Every hand-drawn line in Victor’s works is a record of the time when he missed a person.  The poetic expression transformed memories into imageries, and lines into abstraction.  In his exhibition Serried at theDesk, a co-working space in the Saiyingpun community, the artist pushes the boundaries of 2-dimensional graphic elements into a higher level of aesthetic possibilities, at the same time reminiscing humanism and nature.

Back in the warm-lit HABITU table at Cityplaza Eslite Spectrum, Elaine subtly intervene the space by mounting dreamy waves images onto the mirrors, turning reflective surfaces into canvases.  The site-specific photo installations in her exhibition The Perpetual Flow accompanied with suggestive texts and quotes that rhyme with the emotional visuals to challenge perception.

The Contemplation Garden unites not only artists from different background but also spectators from daily encounters at different stages of their lives, it stretches the possibilities of art and connections in the urban landscape.


(Jul 10 2017)


[1] Ziegler, Vickie. “The Contemplation Garden.” Center for Medieval Studies. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 June 2017. <>.

[2] Koren, Leonard. Wabi-Sani for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers. Point Reyes: Imperfect Publishing, 2008. Print.