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They are artists: Chloe Cheuk

Tell us one of the painful things you have done so that you can keep making art?

Ever since I decided to study art in university, I stopped making art for a few years during public examinations so as to enter the art school.  This sounds contradictory but because I did not have outstanding academic result back then, so I have to gain good grades and strive for bigger bargaining power to study art in university.  It was my little strategy but life was like hell during that period.  I just hate public examination.

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They are artists 黃智銓


畢業後,我做了一年全職工作,後來想給自己試試做一個全職藝術家是怎樣一回事,於是決定辭職。靠著自己的積蓄、計劃支助和藝術相關的創作,維持了一年,做了很多作品,同時發現自己很喜歡創作,過程就像在實驗和不斷解答自己對事物的好奇。現在主要靠 parttime 工作維生,餘下來的時間用來創作。

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