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They are artists: Christy Chow

What is your artistic practice about? 

The projects that I have been working are about the tension between social expectations and individual identities.  Human beings are social animals, inevitably we are under pressure to conform to social norms; at the same time, we have our own identities and values.  This is where the tension comes in.

I witnessed people around me became frustrated and depressed by social myths, like the standard of beauty.  I have made these social issues the focus of my art.  I have no intention to judge but I want to reveal the truth about social norms.  The audience is the one to judge and to think about their own identities and positions in the contemporary world.

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They are artists: Kamie Cheng

Why do you make artwork?

I had an accident in 2001 and was seriously injured, I started to think about the things I wanted to do and try, and the life that I wanted to live.  That’s how I began my journey, I studied, learnt more about myself, and learnt to express myself using art.  I wish I can live a peaceful life, but things happening in my world are not peaceful at all, so I decided to make artwork as my response to the world.

kamie cheng

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They are artists: 鄭文穎


起初喜歡平面設計,後來發現平面滿足不了自己,於是到演藝學院修讀道具製作,逐漸向立體發展,慢慢走上道具創作之路。工作室fa Studio是我釋放創意的小天地,讓我努力在不同方面發揮創意。現時主力製作道具、陳列、舞台設計和布偶製作廣告、電影、婚禮等我都有所參與。

efa cheng

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They are artists: 陳建業



scott chan

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They are artists: 沈子玲


我很享受在「水」裡存在的感覺。有時候我覺得自己是一粒冰 – 放在水裡,我溶化成水的一部份;放在奶茶裡,我溶化成奶茶的一部份;放在咖啡裡,我溶化成咖啡的一部份。我希望在水底不用呼吸也能生存,那就不用回陸地生活了。

toby joyce

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